World's First Invisible Tower to be built in Korea

Het nieuwe project van GDS Architects kan eenvoudig worden omschreven als het achtste wereldwonder om zijn opmerkelijke architecturale kwaliteit. It is a myth of an old magic trick made real with the aid of superlative technology, lezen we elders op internet. 's Werelds eerste onzichtbare toren zal in 2014 gereed zijn.

Project Description from the Architects
The observation tower will be the new national gateway landmark for Korea as passengers travel to and from Incheon Int'l Airport. Instead of symbolizing prominence as another of the world's "tallest and best" towers, it sets itself apart by celebrating the global community rather than focusing on itself. The tower subtly demonstrates Korea's rising position in the world by establishing its most powerful presence through diminishing its presence. The tower itself appears to disappear through a unique optical technology. Outdoor promenades connect to Cheongna's water canals and natural park setting.

Project Details
Client: Korea Land Corporation and Cheongna Organization
Tower Height: 450m
Site area: 110,400 sqm
Total area: 145,500 sqm, 2,000 parking stalls
Status: International design competition winner, 2008 Second stage competition winner, 2012
Completion: 2014