Trussardi | My Land

Trussardi launches a new masculine fragrance with a taste of elegance and classic elements named, My Land.

The name My Land conveys a sense of belonging and a profound bond with one's roots. It is a direct, incisive, international name that evokes the power and pride of being comfortable with yourself and appreciating the cosmopolitan spirit of your town through a symbiotic relationship, like the one that has always linked the Trussardi brand to the city of Milan.

Designed by internationally renowned architect Antonio Citterio, the My Land bottle is a stunning object of design. The result of an in-depth creative study, it combines the characteristics of an artisan-crafted object with the requirements of modern industry. The bottle's elegant, contemporary lines are framed by a special band in real Italian leather that has been vegetal tanned and finished by hand. The leather band displays the Trussardi crest accompanied by the phrase Genuine Leather Made in Italy. The shading and nuances of the leather differ on each bottle, which makes each one unique and exclusive.

The Fragrance
The power of elegant woods and sensual leather is revealed by a classical modern fougère. Introduced by a vibrant, effervescent blend of citrus head notes such as Bergamot and Green Mandarin, the refined heart notes of Lavender and Violet Flowers countered by Calone emphasize a unique masculine signature.

Olfactive Family: Fougère - Woody
ose: Alexandra Kosinski

Trussardi My Land will be available in 30 ml (€41,00), 50 ml (€57,00) and 100 ml (€79,00) Eau de Toilette and in matching body products. Will be available in stores as of September.

Photo: Nino de Snoo