Van Perckens Nr.8 Champagne Cooler

Touted to be the most expensive champagne cooler in the world, the Van Perckens Nr.8 Champagne Cooler has a whopping asking price of €550,000.

It is masterly crafted out of 7kg of 20 ct gold and is aimed to serve 6 people. It will be personally delivered in a high gloss wooden case enhanced with gilded details. The sliding drawer holds the Van Perckens champagne goblets and a pair of signature black gloves. All materials are handcrafted with the greatest attention to detail - a true jewel for your interior.

If you don't prefer gold, but rather silver, there is a Nr.8 Champagne Cooler made of sterling silver, priced at €81,000. You can also choose the Silver/Gold plated version, priced at  €85,000. More information on the website.