Louis Vuitton | Travel Book New York

Louis Vuitton recently launched a new collection of books entitled: Louis Vuitton Travel Book. This collection consists of four travel books covering London, ParisEaster Island and New York. Each book has been illustrated by a well known international artist. For the series' book on New York, Louis Vuitton turned to French painter and illustrator Jean-Philippe Delhomme, known for his ironic depictions of modern societies.

"I have been fascinated by New York's atmosphere for many years," says Delhomme. "I tried to translate the city's visual dynamism through illustrating the strong, contrasting light and the often chaotic juxtaposition of its architectural elements, cars, smoke, billboards, and signs."

Check out Louis Vuitton's short poetic film on Jean-Philippe Delhomme's New York illustrations:

You can purchase the book now here.