Reále - Luxury Armored Mercedes-Benz B6 Sprinter

Lexani Motorcars has introduced its newest masterpiece, the Reále — a beautiful armored Mercedes-Benz B6 Sprinter for the ultimate in personal security. The spacious interior, lined with Alcantara suede, features handcrafted fine leather seats, a galley kitchen, luxury lavatory with ceramic toilet and gold-plated sink, marble floors, and even a hidden coat rack.

The Reále offers a brilliant blend of technology, luxury, and artistry, to provide the ultimate traveling experience. The customization options allow clients to create their own ideal environments. Watch a 3D movie, enjoy an espresso, and have the peace of mind that you are being transported in what is, essentially, a 5-star executive suite wrapped in ballistic steel.

This vehicle retails for $450,000-$500,000 USD. Prices vary depending on choice of options. Lexani Motorcars also offers customers the option to design their vehicle online from colors and stitching to cushions, seats, and more.