The Cheapside Hoard: London's Lost Jewels

London's Cheapside Hoard is a unique collection of late-16th and early-17th century jewels and gemstones that were discovered, by chance, in a cellar on Cheapside in 1912. Now, for the first time in a hundred years, the whole collection is on display at the Museum of London.

The collection consists of more than 500 Elizabethan and Early Stuart-period jewels, including delicate finger rings, cascading necklaces, Byzantine cameos, jewelled scent bottles and a Colombian emerald watch.

"They are a time capsule," said Hazel Forsyth, curator of the exhibition. "Ever since its unexpected discovery in June 1912, the Cheapside Hoard has been swathed in mystery, rich in questions that had been left unanswered for too long."

She continued: "The intrigue surrounding this whole collection is who buried it, when and why it was buried and what it signified. Pinning down the date helps in pinning down possibly who might have put it together and speculating on what prompted them to do that."

The Cheapside Hoard: London's Lost Jewels is on right now until the 27th of April 2014.

Opening Times: Daily 10.00 - 18.00. Late exhibition openings (until 9pm): 10 January, 14 March, 11 April 2014.