Dream Job: Jet-setting INKAS Ambassador

In today's highly volatile world, personal safety has become an utmost concern for many individuals and when travelling, nothing rivals the security of a true armored vehicle.

Toronto-based Inkas Armored Vehicle Manufacturing specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of luxury-armored vehicles to its VIP clients the world over and they're currently on the hunt for International Ambassadors – a unique career opportunity for those who want to change their life overnight and make a great living while they're at it.

The position is hinged on personally overseeing of the delivery of Inkas bulletproof cars to its international clients. The ambassador will escort the armored vehicle to both international financial capitals as well as zones of heightened security risk all while working under one single directive – ensure the VIP customer's 100% satisfaction. As these clients are typically at the upper echelon of their respective social as well as financial realms, creating an atmosphere conducive towards a maximal customer experience requires a tactful and unique approach, as well as a hefty expense account.

Inkas will select three potential candidates for a five-day evaluation and training program, at the end of which the most successful candidate will be offered the position. As Inkas is an equal opportunity employer, international applicants are welcome to apply. All applications will be equally evaluated and assessed based on the candidates' personal characteristics, experience, knowledge and skills.

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