Love Poem from Ancient Egypt

The Garden Of Love"
Egypt, Deir el-Medina, 1300 B.C.

Oh! fair are the flowers, my beloved,
And fairest of any I wait.
A garden art thou, all fragrant and dear,
Thy heart, O mine own, is the gate.

The canal of my love I have fashioned,
And through thee, my garden, it flows-
Dip in its waters refreshing and sweet,
When cool from the north the wind blows.

In our beauteous haunt we will linger,
Thy strong hand reposing in mine-
Then deep be my thoughts and deeper my joy,
Because, O my love, I am thine.

Oh!thy voice is bewitching, beloved,
This wound of my heart it makes whole-
Ah! when thou art coming, and thee I behold,
Thou'rt bread and thou'rt wine to my soul.