Luxury Furniture Collection by CJC Design

Casino Royale - Macau Table
Since its founding in 1998, Cristina Jorge de Carvalho has led a team of highly qualified professionals in various areas of design and interior architecture in the Lisbon-based atelier, CJC Design. Known for their beautiful interiors for both national and international clients, they have now launched a collection of luxury furniture.

Handmade in Portugal by the most skilled craftsmen, the pieces reflect the contemporary yet timeless design that Jorge de Carvalho is known for. The range features four different lines - Casino Royale, Golden Age, In the Mood for Leather and Higher Love - that spectacularly combine leather, brass, steel, iron, lacquer, linen, glass and marble to create pieces that are both innovative and unique.

Casino Royale includes two luxurious gaming tables, the Macau Table, in exotic leather, brass and lacquer; and the Non Smoking Table in leather, brass and lacquer.

Golden Age is inspired by the 70's. The iconic atmosphere of the James Bond films is reflected in the different combinations of colours and materials. The Golden Age line features the 70's Armchair, the U Side Table and O Side Table and the piece Together We Stand.

In the Mood for Leather features light pieces of furniture. The structure is the focus point piece itself, allowing it to breathe in the space. The mix of materials is key to this line, namely in the pieces In Out Bookshelf, Al Fresco Bookshelf, Empty Cube Side Table, Empty Parallel and Out of Office Desk.

Left: Golden Age - 70's Armchair | Right: In the Mood for Leather - In & Out Bookshelf

The Higher Love line presents pieces with a distinguished design, where the main characteristic is the mix of metallic elements, like brass and steel, with noble elements like marble. The tables Oh Table and LL Up Table as well as the All Night Long Sideboard comprise the district line. It also includes the Threesome Coffee Table which is available in different material combinations, like marble, lacquer and stainless steel or marble, brass and stainless steel.

Higher Love - Threesome Coffee Table

Cristina Jorge de Carvalho
Cristina Jorge de Carvalho was born in Mozambique, Africa, and lives in Lisbon, the city of her choice which she uses as a starting point for her many trips, whether for leisure, work or in the continuous search of new inspirations.

In Lisbon she completed her degree in Business Administration from the ISCTE. But her strong passion for architecture and aesthetics led her to change paths moving to London, where she took an Interior Design degree at the Inchbald School of design. In 1998, back in Lisbon, Cristina Jorge de Carvalho founded the atelier CJC Design.

The contemporary, stylish and understated vision that Cristina Jorge de Carvalho gives all the environments on which she is involved has granted her several national and international clients such as hotels, SPA, show homes, business offices and private residences.


Photography: courtesy of Alexandra Public Relations