Bachelor Parties: How Do Billionaires Do It

For the average spender, bachelor parties may involve a wild night out with friends, maybe in hired clubs with a few semi-nude women and strippers. For the billionaires, it is a totally different occasion that includes comprehensive arrangements which stretch over a number of days. Some cases may involve parties that take an entire week in a foreign country. What is important though is the scenery, décor, ambience, atmosphere and the type of adventure involved. Many people used to prefer engaging a lot of strippers, which is still a common practice, although billionaires have already witnessed such throughout their bachelor years. This party is therefore often reclined to bonding with friends and gaining different experiences.

Characteristics of billionaire's bachelor parties

The billionaire's bachelor party is no simple celebration but an elegant adventurous pre-wedding expedition with budgets that cross $200,000. The venues planned can only be found in specific places known as Gold coasts which feature unimaginable imposing architecture and green palaces. If millionaires mile include boulevards, hilltop and riverside drives, then you can only imagine what a billionaire's miles houses. To call them scenic strips would be an understatement considering the quality level of service and arrangements.

Every experience is combined inside all the venues to be visited including live entertainment, games, wild parties, food, care and escorts for the buddies. The transportation includes private jets, hot air balloons and snobbish state of the art autos. The billionaires settle for nothing less than esoteric creations that combine the brilliance of vintage classes and modern breakthroughs. These are the occasions graced by drinking of vintage wines that have aged and sweetened, in elegant pools filled with dazzling goddesses.

Normal bachelor parties will usually start somewhere in the afternoon and end in the morning. Billionaires however party all week long which requires a plethora of daytime activities to feed on the build enthusiasm. The options are limitless and here are just some of them:

• Golf – on a sunny day, manicured fairways, bunkers that are freshly raked, cool 400 yard drive and beer cart models. Golf harbors tanning, cold beers and special heartfelt laughs all in a single experience without forgetting losers' beer duty for the night.

• Paintball – this is another mood enhancer where you are authorised to shoot a friend with a paint bullet and get fired up.

• Bungee jumping – this represents the leap of a lifetime that is symbolic of the "jump into marriage". The anxiety brought by wind and gravity aids the transition from single to married.

• Car Racing – buzzing sounds, gasoline and rubber burning, adrenaline rush all included in an adventurous afternoon.

• Other activities are fishing, gambling and sporting activities that will aid the adrenaline rush and boost the moods in preparation for the wild nights.

Bachelor parties are a lifetime event just like the wedding and celebrating in the most memorable fashion is all billionaires seek. The level of services provided are at optimum, organizers now have the hardest time in coming up with new ideas as millennial population grows. The hope is that technology will allow visits to celebrate bachelor parties in other cosmic worlds but that is extremely ambitious.

By Miles Wiseman